Friday, May 16, 2008

Floored, By Judgment

I was looking around to find some inspiration for my next blog, but something cot my eyes that really upsets me. So I want to share with you some details to what I found. I went on Google and looked up fact on the SDA (Seventh Day Adventist) church. There was this site that said
" What Facts They Wont Tell You?" I was like hmmm... let me check this out. when I opened it. I was floored. It left me questioning, and in the state of confusion. I would never degrade, or slander, anyone by there religion, race, or gender. as someone like me that love God that lives for him. would NOT try to find judgement on what other people believe. Here's word for word some in site on what was said:

They won't tell you that they consider themselves to be the only, true, remnant Church. Their prophetess, Ellen G. White, whom they revere and believe without question has told them that.
...Satan has taken full possession of the Churches'. They also believe our prayers are an 'abomination' to God. That is what they think of you and your church, even if they won't say it out loud in public, or to your face.
They won't tell you too much about Ellen G. White at their public seminars, but their goal is to bring the person attending to the point of conversion and baptism.
Doctrines on Salvation
If you receive Christ as your Saviour through the SDA's, only your past sins, up to that moment are forgiven. Now you must get to work to earn your salvation.
Christians will say, 'sure we slip sometimes into unintentional sin, but we have a mediator in Christ Jesus'. No, you don't in Seventh-day Adventism. Be prepared for this SDA doctrine by Ellen G. White:'...Those who are living on the earth when the intercession of Christ shall cease in the sanctuary above are to stand in the sight of a holy God without a mediator. Their robes must be spotless, their characters must be purified from sin by the blood of sprinkling. Through the grace of God and their own diligent effort they must be conquerors in the battle with evil....'.
She said... that the United States would be '...humbled into the dust' by England during the Civil War. No wonder Jesus told us to 'Beware of the false prophets'. Time is their enemy. These false prophecies will never be mentioned by the SDA's.
Consulting the Dead
'There shall not be found among you anyone...who casts a spell, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. For whoever does these things is detestable to the Lord...' Deuteronomy 18:10-12
It is evident she believed this dream was in response to her prayers to God. James (whom she called 'Father') appeared beside her as she was in a carriage. She reported he looked 'very pale, but calm and composed'. (After all, he was dead!)
SDA's often make every effort to appear 'evangelical', joining in with inter-ministry groups and trying to 'blend in' with the Christian community.However, make no mistake about it, they believe they are exclusively correct because they recognize and follow Ellen G. White. Among themselves, they mock the Christian's beliefs, calling our concept of salvation, 'cheap grace'. They privately consider themselves to be spiritually superior to the rest of us.


I'm not going to be upset by this. I'm not going to argue, because by doing so; It wouldn't make me a better person. yes it's hurtful, and hateful. I see that Satan is at work. the key is to be humble. and ask God to be with the man that wrote this.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Happy Place

This was a picture I took on my birthday. I went on a drive with a friend to Big Bear. I feel like I'm mostly at home when I'm far away from busy life around me. when I think about an adventure. I think about the mountains. When I'm up there, I love to hear birds singing. it's like a wonderful melody, and wind blowing all around me. The trees shuffling there leafs, and the air is so fresh, my lungs absorb it, and clean. -boy is it clean. It leaves me in a state of aww. I love to explore the unknown. It gives me a high. it feels like I'm in heaven. It up lifts me. It takes me to a place of peace. where time means nothing. It rests my soul.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

opposite side of the tracks

I was talking to a friend that I've none for a couple of years. We started to share some feelings, which I had no clue he had for me before. I never thought that way about him, because he was with someone. -well a lot of things were said, but this stuck to mind. He asked "How come you never asked me out when I was single"? My eye's almost popped out of my head. And the only thing I could say was "Were from the opposite side of the tracks". He wasn't sure what I meant by that? So I started to explain, but my thoughts were runny slow. I felt like it was taking forever. I was nerves. He was looking at me for the answer. I could see in his eyes that he was every puzzled. That made my heart sink, because if my words came out wrong. I wouldn't know what his reactions would be. So i said -well we come from different back grounds, different life's. We're just different. Really I felt like he was to good for me- to be honest, but I wouldn't tell him that. Then I started to think this is a punked joke. (Ashton Kutcher where are you? I was waiting for him to jump out some were, but that didn't happen). I felt like he needed me to say more. This was harder then i thought. What did i just get myself in to? So I tried to change the subject, but of course it wasn't all that easy. So when my thought got clearer. I replayed what just happened, in my head. And thought? How stupid I was. So once again I was back to the same question. So I said if I known then what I know now. I probably would have. So by giving him my answer i was like-wait!!! this is a 2 way street. So I waited for his response. I was shocked, he said " I thought you liked thous bad boy types" which he was right. but there nothing but trouble, it's just the fact that they live life worry free, with no cares. And I realized that's the problem. So I went home a thought about this. I tried to find the true answer to why I like the bad boy type? And then it came to me. It's because if they don't worry about life then they don't worry about what I do in my life. And with no cares. They can't care about me. So it make it easy so i don't get hurt as much. If it doesn't work out. -Man I should be looking on the other side of the tracks. It looks greener over there.... we're still friends, it kinda made me open up alittle more with people, and guy for that matter.


so I'm a Seventh Day Adventist. I've been apart of the Church all my life. I believe a lot of there teachings. When I tell others that I'm a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) they ask me; Are you a vegetarian? Is that a colt? Why do you go to Church on Saturday and not Sunday? So here's some answers to thous questions. There's more to SDA then what we practice, but I can say that there are a lot that are vegetarians. So I'm going to explain one reason why. That's for health reasons, and because are body is a temple so we should treat it like one. but I'm not a vegetarian, and that's by choice. And we are not a colt. We just believe in the Bible, like every other Church does. I think that it doesn't matter what Church you go to. Just as long as you believe that God is in Heaven watching you. And that God sent down his son Jesus to die for are sins. The reasoning behind why we go on Saturday is? because of the law, that God sent to us. When Moses can down form the mountain with the 10 Commandments thous are the laws that God wants his people to fallow. I try to fallow them. The four commandments says: keep the Sabbath Day Holy. I'm open minded on other believers. that go to different Church's, with out judgment. Believing in God is the key. Yeah I'm a sinner, but there's NO one, I mean NO one that can say they have not sinned.
So we rest on Saturday which we call Sabbath. Sometimes i think Sabbath should be everyday. But to much rest is not good for the soul. But if we keep God in are hearts and thoughts he will never leave us. I like to think that God has my back. What ever I do, what choices I make, where I go to Church, who I love. And knowing one day I will be with him for eternity. And see him face to face. With his arms of love opened for me, with a smile of happiness looking at me, and welcoming me home forever. So I try to live my life for him, because he's the one that gave it to me. If you believe that. Then it doesn't matter what Church you go too. Its the love of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The Trinity of one. God wants us to study his word, so we don't get lost in worldly things. And to have a closer connection with him. So I hope that I see everyone including myself in heaven with are Father, Lord, and Savior. who can ask for more then that? So I hope by my blog that we are all Gods children. And that are love for God is the same.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


When you look at in a magazine. There are a lot of beautiful people. And you might think to yourself. Man! I wish I looked like that. Or like; WOW!! that's a nice body. So you go to a mirror. and you think? What can I change to be like that? Well, no matter what, you where made exactly right. Everyone is uniquely created. So let the enter beauty show individuality. because pretty is a facade, but real beauty is within yourself.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The meaning of Wind Chasing

I'm always wanting to learn more. I see myself always looking for answers. In Life, Love, and having a closer connection with God. That brings me to the meaning of wind chasing. The life long search for meaning. Sometimes I look at everything and think. Where am I headed? What does tomorrow bring? Who know! Sometime I see myself struggling to know the purpose of life. I've talked to a couple of friends. Not about wind chasing, but about positive things that comes your way when you have a positive out look on life. Always wanting to do right by others. Sometimes I wonder who's life I've lifted, and made better? Just for showing I cared. If everyone did there part. By that I mean. Saying a kind word to someone, helping them though life's struggles. It would make every ones life better. Spiritually, Emotionally, and finding conversations that might bring answers to unspoken thoughts. That might have impacted someone. That might be the purpose of life. So we can strive for that. and hope that that's the answer.