Wednesday, May 14, 2008

opposite side of the tracks

I was talking to a friend that I've none for a couple of years. We started to share some feelings, which I had no clue he had for me before. I never thought that way about him, because he was with someone. -well a lot of things were said, but this stuck to mind. He asked "How come you never asked me out when I was single"? My eye's almost popped out of my head. And the only thing I could say was "Were from the opposite side of the tracks". He wasn't sure what I meant by that? So I started to explain, but my thoughts were runny slow. I felt like it was taking forever. I was nerves. He was looking at me for the answer. I could see in his eyes that he was every puzzled. That made my heart sink, because if my words came out wrong. I wouldn't know what his reactions would be. So i said -well we come from different back grounds, different life's. We're just different. Really I felt like he was to good for me- to be honest, but I wouldn't tell him that. Then I started to think this is a punked joke. (Ashton Kutcher where are you? I was waiting for him to jump out some were, but that didn't happen). I felt like he needed me to say more. This was harder then i thought. What did i just get myself in to? So I tried to change the subject, but of course it wasn't all that easy. So when my thought got clearer. I replayed what just happened, in my head. And thought? How stupid I was. So once again I was back to the same question. So I said if I known then what I know now. I probably would have. So by giving him my answer i was like-wait!!! this is a 2 way street. So I waited for his response. I was shocked, he said " I thought you liked thous bad boy types" which he was right. but there nothing but trouble, it's just the fact that they live life worry free, with no cares. And I realized that's the problem. So I went home a thought about this. I tried to find the true answer to why I like the bad boy type? And then it came to me. It's because if they don't worry about life then they don't worry about what I do in my life. And with no cares. They can't care about me. So it make it easy so i don't get hurt as much. If it doesn't work out. -Man I should be looking on the other side of the tracks. It looks greener over there.... we're still friends, it kinda made me open up alittle more with people, and guy for that matter.

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