Thursday, June 19, 2008


Friday I headed out to meet everyone up at Hemet lake. It was the Church's 2nd annually camp out. everyone set up Friday and hung out together. Which there was over 50 people. The next day we had Sabbath School. Which are lesson this week was about Jesus walking in the wilderness for 40 day's with out food. and was tempted by Satan himself. Which fit perfectly with the hole camping trip thing. So then a bunch of us went for a short walk to the lake and enjoyed strolling and carrying conversation about are surroundings. After lunch a small group tried to walk to the damn of the lake, but fence after fence was blocking are course. So we started back. Some of us enjoyed the water which was the best part. There was this rock out in the water that some of us climbed up and jumped off. Which that was awesome. Got back around 7pm helped with dinner, played sureaids, and had smores. Sunday was the day of packing. and heading out. So this weekend was a blast. besides i got stung by a plaint, and i got sunburned. it was a bummer it ended so soon.