Friday, May 30, 2008

changing, choice

I try to make the most of things, but when it comes to choices I have a problem. I hate making wrong choices, but then again that happens.I know that it has to happen to learn from them. that's if I want bigger and better things, but what are the better things? Finding someone is the hardest. I'm not used to sharing you space, life, practically my hole everything. So its more about change, but that's a choice I'll have to make. Right now I have my own home, my own car, my own everything. Sometimes I feel that I can lose it if I open up. Its like a child with toy's; you don't want to share, because it might get broken, but then again. life isn't a toy. because I wouldn't want anyone to brake me. So here I stand with out love. just letting it destroy me. Not ready to change and make the right choice for my heart. I'm letting amazing guys and friends go. I need to redeem myself and stand tall and open and share what I know I am with others. This is a slow proses. just because I've had a broken heart doesn't mean that everyone will brake it. but then again, who knows.